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Delivering Extension Services to the Last Mile Project (LMP)

Project Goals and Objectives

Improved incomes, sustained market linkages and reduction of climate vulnerability for smallholder farmers (women, men and youth)

Overall Objective

Enhanced responsiveness of RASPs (public and private) to the demand for advisory services of socially and economically differentiated categories of  farmers

Specific Objectives

  1. Mobilize, organize and build the capacities of public/private RAS providers (RASPs) to deliver effective, innovative services – linked to all actors in agricultural innovation system and to smallholder farmers
  2. Generate and contribute knowledge needed to promote scaling up of climate resilient good practices to smallholder farmers and for promoting favorable policies and investments in RAS

Expected Outcomes

  • Sustained market linkages
  • Improved incomes
  • Reduction of climate vulnerability
  • Enhanced Responsiveness of RASPs