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Extension & Advisory services

Membership: Foresight TWG will draw its membership from organizations working in the agriculture sector with a focus on issues of extension, CSA and policy advocacy. The membership will range from civil society organizations, private firms, alliances or federations of actors in agriculture space and, research and academia institutions. The organizations will be requested to nominate representatives to the TWG with expertise and experience in policy advocacy, CSA and extension. Each organization will have a permanent member and alternate member for continued participation. The TWG will continually co-opt membership based on the issue or need under focus at any one particular time.

Governance: The TWG will be coordinated by the Foresight expert working closely with a chair and co-chair nominated by the members of the TWG. The expert, chair and co-chair will be responsible for developing a work-program for the group, ensuring delivery and monitoring results. Some of the outputs will include policy briefs, data, research papers, policy dialogue meetings/conferences, capacity building workshop and programs among others.


  • Bring together extension, CSA and policy experts to create an ecosystem for innovation and accelerating responsive extension service provision
  • Stimulate a policy dialogue for revitalization of extension to address current and emerging needs and challenges
  • Generate appropriate evidence to guide future planning and policy processes at the country level
  • Identify and devise strategies to enhance capacity of AEAS to respond to emerging extension needs and opportunities
  • Develop multi-stakeholder partnership for coordinated initiatives in address extension challenges, promoting opportunities and up scaling impactful models in extension
  • Create framework for dissemination of innovations, ideas, information and knowledge generated in extension system